Global Impact

The Monsanto China Green Village Project is helping to improve lives in the Nanmeng Village, Hebei Province of China. Nearly 700 farmers in the region received high-quality training funded by Monsanto in areas critical to their way of life. The training focused on improving agriculture techniques and infrastructure development within the Nanmeng Village.

Infrastructure Development
One key area of education for Nanmeng Village was the construction and maintenance of methane pools. These pools serve as a complex sewage treatment system for the village.

Yao Junce, a Nanmeng village resident, completed the trainings and constructed a household methane pool. She now uses the biogas from the methane pool as an energy efficient and cost effective way to cook and heat her home. Due to Yao’s success, she educates fellow residents how to build methane pools.

“The Monsanto Green Village Program is great,” said Yao. “It teaches us useful knowledge such as cultivating and breeding, and also benefits our lives in a variety of other ways. I hope this learning will continue.”

Agriculture Techniques: Swine Operation
Peng Lanshu and her family struggled to maintain a profitable swine operation. When Peng learned of the swine breeding education programs through the Green Village Project, she quickly enrolled.

The training provided Peng with proper animal husbandry and breeding techniques. After the program, she was more prepared to create a healthy environment for her pigs. Peng learned how to install proper aeration systems and fermentation beds. As a result, she expanded her swine operation and now saves over $20 (130 yaun) per pig from reduced feed, medical and electrical costs.

Now, Peng educates fellow swine breeders on proper breeding techniques. With the increased productivity of her operation, she employs and trains underprivileged families in her community.

Agriculture Techniques: Vegetables
Jiang Cuifen, another Nanmeng resident, received vegetable training from the Green Village Project. Jiang’s most recent harvest provided $1,550 (10,000 yuan) more than the previous year.

Jiang shared her learnings with other growers in the community and established a vegetable cooperative.

These are a few examples of how The Green Village Project is improving lives of families and communities in the Hebei Province’s Nanmeng village.