Agriculture Education in China:
Monsanto China Green Village Project Improves Lives

The Monsanto China Green Village Project is helping to improve lives in the Nanmeng Village, Hebei Province of China. Nearly 700 farmers in the region received high-quality training funded by Monsanto in areas critical to their way of life. The training focused on improving agriculture techniques and infrastructure development within the Nanmeng Village.

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Dateline China: Access Advanced Farming Techniques

The Monsanto Fund’s contribution to the Jilin Project at Taojiatun Agricultural Technology Demonstration Park has helped the Park become a center for farmers to access advanced technology. Science and technology in agriculture are promoted, and demonstrations of modern agriculture are available to farmers.

Modern agriculture equipment has been purchased to complement discussions of seed technology at the Park. A rice harvester, corn harvester and maize thresher are now available to farmers as well as advanced office equipment. A multi-function overhead projector, desktop computer, laptop, copy machine, digital camera and network equipment have also been purchased. All of these things help with the agricultural technology information exchange.

Farmers learn about cultivation and agricultural technology thanks to this program and they benefit from courses offered at the Jilin Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center.

Between December 2010 and September 2011, the Jilin Women’s Federation held training courses for 1,000 representatives from the farming industry across Jilin Province. Courses included soil testing and formulated fertilization technology, techniques for pest control, and development of skills to increase corn yield.

Helping Chinese Farmers Become More Efficient

Yuhua Guan raises pigs in a village in China, and through a technical training program focused on planting and breeding and infrastructural upgrades, she has not only significantly increased the income she earns from the livestock, but also improved her village’s living environment.

With a $200,000 two-year grant from the Monsanto Fund, the China Women Development Foundation launched a Poverty Alleviation-Oriented Technical Assistance and Community Development project, which works to improve the overall condition of the rural community by providing training and education, as well as an environmentally responsible and economical energy source.

From what she learned in the training courses, Yuhua was able to decrease her water usage, recycle waste to generate energy, reduce the spread of disease, and ensure the safety of meat products produced on her farm.