Regardless of where you are in the world, rural communities play an integral role in society. In Latin America, our Seedbed of the Future (Semillero de Futuro) program is directed at improving struggling rural communities.

The program works to encourage the development of sustainable projects in order to improve the quality of life of people living and working in rural communities across the region. These include issues such as education, food production, health care, culture promotion and creation of awareness to preserve the environment.

History of the Program

Monsanto Argentina started the program in 2004, as an initiative called Max Solidario. With the donation of US$ 1 for each box of Roundup Max sold (up to a maximum amount of AR$ 1 million), 55 projects were funded that year, benefiting more than 3,200 individuals in 11 Argentine provinces.

In 2006, the project was redefined to focus completely on the farming communities and was renamed Seedbed of the Future. In 2010, the Monsanto Fund began funding the project and continues to do so today.

Over the years, the Seedbed of the Future program has benefitted more than 65,000 people, making an increasing impact throughout Latin America.

How the Program Works

Seedbed of the Future uses Monsanto’s employees as its “eyes and ears,” listening to them to find the viable projects that are in need of support. By involving our people, including those in Monsanto service center and plants, sales representatives, agronomic consultants, and many others, the Monsanto Fund can ensure we’re meeting the critical needs of these rural communities – because as citizens of these areas, they know these communities very well.

Where the Program Operates

Seedbed of the Future covers the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Corrientes, Misiones, Chaco, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, San Luis, Formosa, Salta y Jujuy of the Argentine Republic, the departments of the Eastern Region of the Republic of Paraguay and Uruguay.


Over the last few years, Seedbed of the Future has achieved excellent results:

  • Over 10.85 million pesos funded
  • 342 social projects
  • 16 Argentine provinces
  • Funded 4 projects in Paraguay, 2 in Uruguay and 2 in Chile
  • More than 65,000 people were direct beneficiaries through funded projects